Saturday, April 3, 2021

Ey Ee Dubya... Ded By NationalAnalLubeDay


Yeah, so this is a thing.

So there's a number of ways to see this. One could be Vince losing his mind and approving the deal because he either still thinks Jericho is a WWE guy or maybe Austin said he's interviewing Chris Masters. OR you could see this as Jericho

In any event, this is a good thing. It gives AEW some added publicity and visibility (assuming it gets mentioned at all), it gives PEA-COCK some potential must-see content since they've got fuck all at the moment (and considering all the "editing" done to conform to modern standards, they're having fuck all for a good long while), and it gives the twits on Twitter and various "social" media platforms to debate and shitpost things over.

Hey, you know what? I might actually tune in to see this one, just to see how it turns out and whether anything outside Vince's bubble is worth mentioning. I mean, I suppose it's okay for AEW to get mentioned. They're in the "sports entertainment" business, while Vince is in the "content provider" business.

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