Wednesday, March 24, 2021

AEW Dynamite (March 17th, 2021) - You May Want To Rethink Your Choice Of Dentists

For the record, Meltzer gave the main event ****3/4. He docked a 1/4* for that one thing with Rebel. Blame Rebel.

Other than that... hell of a St. Patty's Day parade in Jacksonville last week. Such a big deal that it took me a week to process and put into words. Hopefully, I'll get last night's musings up a little sooner.

Cody Rhodes beat Penta in a short match that lost me after the billion false finish kick outs that would've made for better finishes than the sunset flip roll-up counter thing that ended it. Then Penta beat up Cody before getting run off by the Nightmare family... but QT Marshall shows up late and everyone chastizes him for it. Yeah, QT. How dare you have better things to do with your time.

MJF introduced his new group, the Pinnacle, comprising Wardlow, Fuck The Revival, Tully Blanchard, and the Ten Guy. The Pinnacle then took over the Inner Circle locker room... because why get a nice, prestine one when you can take over the crappy old one? Other than that one misstep, I thought this was a strong promo from MJF and a good way to kick off this new Pinnacle stable. Finally, we got a stable worthy of that Wargames-esque match-up with the Inner Circle.

There was a six-man tag match with the Jurrassic Express and Matt Hardy's Party or whatever they're called. Sadly, I didn't pay much attention as the dog needed to be played with during this time, but apparently, I didn't miss much, so... next time, I guess.

Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston defeated the Good Jobbers where Mox rolled up Karl Anderson (the one with the #HotAsianWife... is that still a thing?) The Good Jobbers and Kenny break Eddie's leg and are stopped by the Young Bucks, who stop short of doing the two sweet deal and the eventual reunion we all know is coming. Seriously, just get it over and done with. Why are you flip-flopping on this? We can see it coming a mile away and the longer you hold it off, the more apathy you end up with when it finally happens.

Not much afterwards; a hot match between Rey Fenix and that Angelico kid, a couple teases for future matches including Johnny Hungee vying for a TNT title shot, and Kip Sabian accepting a challenge from the Best Buds to another match despite Miro wanting nothing to do with these fuckers. Hey, Miro turning into a grumpy big bad fed up with wasting his time over this bullshit is FAR BETTER than whatever the fuck he was doing when he started in AEW, so nice to see the tide shift as far away from that misstep as possible.

Thunder Rosa defeated Dr. Britt Baker in an unsanctioned Lights Out match to close out the show and... let's get the bad new outs of the way. Meltzer only gave that match 4 3/4 stars... and I believe he docked a quarter star because Rebel did a fake crotch shot on Rosa that even I was like "What the fuck?" I mean, women complain about people crapping on women's wrestling and something like this happens to sorta prove "Yeah, shit like THAT is why people crap on women's wrestling."

Now barring that, I thought this was a fantastic match, one of the better Dynamite main events that they've had for a good while. Lights Out, you'd figure some table spots, some chair bits, some hardcore stuff... which I would've been fine with. I mean, there was a hardcore match between Trish and Victoria back in 2002 that I actually kinda dug. But THIS was something else... and yeah, the first thought that came to mind when Britt started guzzling? "Yeah, that's another T-shirt."

The juice was... well, to be honest, I was kinda expecting a little juice... I was not expecting a Muta scale being broken. I wasn't expecting thumb tacks, not just in a women's match, but on FREE TEE VEE IN TWENTY TWENTY-ONE. So that was a bit of a surprise, but hey, I came in with low expectations - figured it'd be a great match between these two because Dr. Britt is great and Thunder Rosa is great - and they more than overdelivered. Tremendous match and a tremendous end to this feud for the foreseeable future at least.

Tremendous show for the most part. Had some slow bits there, but the main event more than made up for it.

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