Thursday, April 15, 2021

AEW Dynamite (April 14th. 2021): The Million Viewer Dynamite

So Dynamite broke a million viewers this past Wednesday... and all it took was Triple H being forced to work Tuesdays... again.

My musings this week will be extremely brief, since last week's episode left me in such a sour mood that I no longer have the energy to muster much enthusiasm for this one, which was a better show, at least.

Let's get this over with.

So the Young FACKS retain their titles over PAC and Fenix where one of the FACKS pulled off Fenix's mask and superkicked the poor guy. What a dick move, but it was a good finish that I didn't expect, so good on them. Match was the usual Young FACKS match until the unique finish and I was fine, but not quite as excited as before.

Chris Jericho explains that he called up Mike Tyson, buried the hatchet, and asked him to enforce this match with one of the FTR guys. Tyson promises to call it down the middle, even if it means knocking out Le Champion uh-gain.

Jade Cargill beat Red Velvet in a thing that happened. Jade has a body and maybe someday I'll see that charisma everyone claims she has.

So they got this Ogogo guy punch some other guy in the gut in a short match and the ref calls for the bell. Well, he's a former Olympic boxer, so that must mean something. It's one of QT's guys, though, so...

Alex Marvez asks Hangman Page about the Elite and Page talks about John Silver's bad shoulders because they both hurt now. I guess Page wants nothing to do with this Elite crap, either. You and me both, brother. Have a cold one on me... or rather on you.

Chris Jericho defeated one of the FTR guys after a Sammy distraction and a bit where Tyson punched some other FTR dude. We went from an awesome backstage brawl to a so-so brawl last week to a match between Jericho and one of the FTR guys... and this is supposed to lead to their Wargames-esque match that's taking place in a couple weeks on free TV as opposed to the big PPV taking place at the end of the month. Note to TK: Pacing is your friend.

Don Callis superkicks a cameraman... I assume the cameraman is Brandon Cutler.

Kris Statlander (the alien girl with new facepaint who pokes noses with her finger) beat some girl in a couple minutes.

So I neglected to mention this last week because the show upset me so much, but there was a bit with Christian Cage and Taz where Taz gave Christian the invite to join Team Taz so he can team with Brian Cage and form the Cage Brothers. This week, Christian decides to drop a bingo hall reference (in 2021, no less) before turning down Taz. And then Powerhouse Hobbs beats up Christian for that slight and we haz match next week. Cool.

TNT Champion Darby Allin defeated Matt Hardy in a falls count anywhere match that saw a bunch of run-ins (FACKIN BOOSHEET!) before Darby ends Matt with a Coffin Drop through a table. Cool.

Definitely a better show than last week and I've had less to bitch about here... worthy of breaking that million viewer barrier. Will it hold? I guess we'll see.

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