Sunday, March 14, 2021

AEW Dynamite (March 10, 2021): Some Days You CAN Get Rid Of A Bomb

Eddie Kingston had panic attacks of past trauma and that's why he sold for sparklers like they were an explosion. He and Mox argue as to whether Kenny wanted to blow them up or not, but agree that Impact must have paid for the bomb. They're buddies again, because the World title does weird things to you.

And really, what else did you expect them to do? Continue like there had been a kaboom? What is this, WWE?

All things considered, I thought they did a great job covering up for the faulty bomb. And Kenny and Callis taking pleasure in depriving Moxley of the big finale and leaving him with utter embarrassment is the best way to go with this and roll with it. Sometimes, shit happens and you roll with it as best as you can and they did just that. Now, would it have been better had the bomb gone off? Sure, but it didn't and they got rid of that bomb without a hitch.

Not a whole lot to say about this one show. Darby retained the TNT title against Scorpio Sky in a good match, after which Darby showed some good sportsmanship and Scorpio beat him up in response. Sting did his weekly interview and gets challenged by Lance Archer... apparently, we'll be getting a Spin The Wheel gimmick in the near future and if not, I will be sorely disappointed.

There was a women's match that was the drizzling shits... someone needs to explain the appeal of Maki Itoh to me because I've only seen her twice and I already want her off my screen. If it isn't the bad singing, it's the faker than fake mic shots on Shida. And please don't give me that "it's supposed to be bad" bullshit. I ain't buying it.

She's not even the cutest. That goes to Kelly Kelly.

Okay, I'm done. Bye.

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