Saturday, February 20, 2021

Later VIdeo Times, DTM-Cast Delayed A Week

A couple quick notes:

- For the last stretch of reviews - including tonight's 50th Slideshow Movie Review - videos will be published at 6:00 P.M. EST as opposed to the usual 12:30 start time. Reason being that most of these reviews are really big reviews and I want to give these things the final polish before putting them up there. The recent reviews should give a clue as to where we're going...

- Tomorrow was supposed to be another episode of the DTM-Cast, but something came up and I haven't had the time to record a good quality show. So here's the deal; since I'm delaying the videos by a few hours, I'm going to try and bang out a couple episodes this week, with the first of these hopefully up by Monday if all goes well. The other episodes might be Q&A episodes; we'll see.

- Regarding the "regular" schedule for the blog, I'm going to move that up by a week because I want to use the first week of March to do more reviews and such. So instead of March 1st, the "regular" schedule will begin on March 8th. And who knows what that will entail? (I suppose I do, but let's not dwell.)

That's about it. Later.

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