Sunday, January 17, 2021

To Hell With The 100-Post Challenge, Let's Do The Ramble Thing

Yeah, the picture (and the post header) says it all.

I thought that I could've done it, but as it turns out, poor timing ruins everything... so that's that. Another aborted 100-Post Challenge... though honestly, that's probably for the best.

As for all those unpublished posts? Welp, I've got enough wrestling PPV musings to cover a couple months worth of weekly posts starting in February. And those long-form posts might mean a little more when they're not buried in the sand. So let's roll that shit out slowly instead. That'll be better off.

Besides, gives me more time to focus on the video stuff. I want February to have that "review a day" thing and now clearing this backlog out gives me more than enough focus to do just that. In fact, there's a video come up later at noon. Stay tuned.

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