Friday, January 29, 2021

Royal Ramble 2020

So I'll confess that I had only saw parts of this show... mostly the Rumble and that's it. And considering that I had (and still have) sour feelings from the current WWE product, the desire to watch the entire show was lacking. However, I was finally able to watch the whole show and this is what I've got out of it.

Roman Reigns defeated Baron Corbin in a pretty boring, almost sleep-inducing Falls Count Anywhere match.

Baby Flair wins the Women's Rumble, which wasn't all that great, to be honest. It suffers from the usual problem with these recent Rumbles - lots of dead air where nothing happens, people disappear for minutes before popping up to do their designated spots, that sort of thing. Charlotte winning the Rumble wasn't the most inspired choice and it led to a particularly sour title match with Rhea Ripley, so... yeah.

Smackdown Women's Champion Bayley defeated Lacey Evans with a handful of tights to retain the title. Boring, crowd didn't care, neither did I. Next.

Blue Belt Champion Shitty Toy Face Belt Champion Bray Wyatt and his silly mask defeated Daniel Bryan Danielson in a strap match via Mandible Claw submission to retain the title. The good news is that none of the usual Fiend bullshit took place in this match - no red lights, no Funhouse shenanigans, no special effects, no bullshit. I wasn't thrilled with Danielson losing this match, but at the very least, it was a good, fun match and I was mildly entertained. High praise for this show.

But seriously, what the fuck was that face thing? Are we actively trying to outsuck the Spinner Belt?

RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch defeated Asuka via submission to retain the title. Other than a botched mist spot that led to Asuka's downfall, this was a somewhat bland match. Not bad or anything like that - it was a perfectly adequate wrestling match, but there was no substance to it.

Drew McIntyre wins the 2020 Royal Rumble. The first half features reigning WWE World Champion Brock Lesnar (yes, he won another WWE title) just chucking guys out of the ring before eventually getting claymore'd out by Drew. There is the one bit where Keith Lee enters and Brock is impressed... too bad Brock isn't part of WWE Creative or else Keith Lee would've gotten a better run than what he's (allegedly) been getting... So once Brock is gone, things pick and it turns out to be a pretty fun Rumble capped off by the return of Edge, who has been retired since 2011. Shout out to Bucky Beaver for missing the first spear in years by cutting to a crowd show because he is a fucking idiot who sucks at his job.

Eh, the show wasn't bad, I suppose. I think the Men's Rumble was pretty good and worth watching. The women's Rumble... not so much, but baby steps, I suppose. The rest of the card is just kinda meh and nothing matters.

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