Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Royal Ramble 2011

Yeah, well... this sure was something, I guess.

World Champion Edge defeated Dolph Ziggler to retain the title. The spear is banned in this match - a decree made by then-GM Vickie Guerrero. Despite this, Edge used a spear on Dolph and then finished him with an Unprettier (Christian's move) to score the pin. Dolph would "win" the belt via political shenanigans on Smackdown, but Edge would win it back quickly, beat the Rumble winner in the opening match, and then retire as champ for nine years before making his return in the 2020 Rumble. All of this happened. Anyway, the match was fine, even with all the screwy stuff.

WWE Champion THE MIZ defeated Randy Orton via a billion geek run-ins to retain the title in a 20-minute contest that was 20 minutes too long... seriously, this thing dragged, boring as hell, and then along comes a total fuck finish. Waste of time... and then Miz would main-event Mania as champion... and people wonder why Mania 27 was such a horrible show.

And then there's a Divas title match, with Nattie retaining and losing the title to one of the three other Divas in the match. I think it was Eve or something, but it's a Divas match. I typically go on bathroom breaks during these matches because these ladies have no personality, are interchangeable, and the matches are never good... honestly, it's like today's WWE product, except the wrestling is generally better and EVERYONE is interchangeable. Awesome!

Alberto Del Rio wins the 2011 Rumble, earning him a World title shot in the opening match of Wrestlemania that he would lose... awesome. This one was touted as the BIGGEST RUMBLE ever, as they upped the entry list from 30 to 40 and they would never do something like this again because they didn't have the talent to sustain it... oh wait, there was the Oil Rumble. Never mind. The only notable thing is that Kevin Nash had a one-shot in his old Diesel gimmick and didn't tear a quad throughout the whole match. Other than that, I remember NOTHING from this Rumble. There were a bunch of run-ins, John Cena and Swoggle had some fun... I guess. I'd pay more attention, but the rest of the show has been such forgettable fluff that it's not even worth it.

Not a good show, everyone. 2011 was off to a bad start... but it'd eventually get better... before falling off a cliff again.

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