Friday, January 22, 2021

Royal Ramble 2009

Another 2009 Rumble and such.

ECW Champion Jack Swagger defeated Matt Hardy to retain the title while a young Tony Khan watched and thought "In ten years, I will open a wrestling company and sign these two to a contract."

Melina defeated Women's Champion Beth Phoenix to win the title.

World Heavyweight Champion JOHN CENA (who did not replace the Big Gold Belt with a spinner) defeated JBL to retain the title.

Edge defeated WWE Champion Jeff Hardy after brother Matt hit Jeff with a chair to retain the title. Fun fact: it was supposed to be the returning Christian (back from TNA), but they switched it to Matt Hardy because... sure, why not?

Randy Orton wins the Royal Rumble.

Yeah, this was pretty dull. The undercard was kinda meh, the title matches were somewhat watchable to a degree, and the Rumble match was also boring, feeling like one hour-long resthold... considering who won it, I guess it makes sense. Again, skippable.

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