Monday, January 18, 2021

Royal Ramble 1990

So we might as well clear out the remaining Royal Rumbles this year and with my big attempt to watch this year's Rumble, I'd figure it'd be a good time to get it done and hopefully remind myself of the days when the Royal Rumble was a great event and not just some soulless thing to kick off some road or something.

The Bushwackers defeated the Rougeau Brothers in the opening tag-team match. This match was a revelation of sorts. See, the Rougeaus are managed by Jimmy Hart and are thus the heels, but for some reason, the former Sheepherders are the ones resorting to rule-breaking, what with their biting people and such. This sort of backwards babyface/heel dynamic we see on modern WWE goes back farther than I thought. Other than that, it was a perfectly acceptable tag-team match between the dickish Bushwackers and the noble Quebecois.

The match between Brutus Beefcake and The Genius ends in a DOUBLE DISQUALIFICATION thanks to a run-in from Mr. Perfect, which prompts a bunch of referees to save Brother Bruti from a 2-on-1 beating of sorts. Lame match with a lamer fuck finish. At the very least, the Genius cut some good poetry before the match, so I can't be too down on this one.

Rugged Ron Garvin defeated Greg The Hammer Valentine via submission in a Submission match... started off a bit slow, but eventually by the time we got to the part where they started wailing on each other and going for submissions, it became really, REALLY good.

On the flip side of things, Hacksaw Jim Duggan defeated The Big Bossman via DQ when Bossman beat on Duggan with the nightstick. It's a messy match, which shouldn't be much of a complaint since most fights are inherently messy, but something wasn't clicking with me here.

And then we have the Royal Rumble match, which is a perfectly fine Rumble, but is notable for one moment where you have Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior alone in the ring, facing off against each other, giving the world a sampler of the Wrestlemania VI main event before their very eyes... and then Warrior gets eliminated by Hogan after more guys came in... now if that didn't make Hogan the biggest heel in the world and want to see him get beat, then... oh, it didn't? Oh, okay. This is one of those fun Rumbles where it never got boring and it has one really big moment that made you look forward to Mania even more.

Oh yeah, Hogan won the Rumble.

The show itself isn't much, but the Rumble more than makes up for it.

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