Saturday, January 30, 2021

"Regular" Schedule Begins March 1st

So... this coming February, the plan is for daily video reviews of some sort. Could be game reviews, could be slideshow movie reviews (those are coming back in some shape), or it could even be something else. Once that's out of the way, though, the blog will begin its "regular" schedule on March 1st. What that entails is currently in the works, but we'll get to that point eventually.

Will there be other stuff besides videos next month? Possibly... I still have a Royal Rumble Rant to produce when I have a chance to watch the show. Maybe another hiatus edition of the DTM-Cast... but some of the stuff I had planned for the aborted challenge is going to get put out on a "regular" basis starting in March.

I maintain the word "regular" in quotations because my attempts at trying to stick the landing in terms of a firm schedule for the blog has usually ended in failure. Let's hope this fares a bit better.

But first... these reviews.

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