Monday, January 18, 2021

Power Rangers (Mostly) Leaving Netflix


So, I made mention of this on the DTM-Cast a couple weeks ago, but for those who missed the news, Netflix is going to be shitcanning most of the Power Rangers seasons from its service come February 1st, with only Mighty Morphin, Beast Morphers, Ninja Steel, and some of the holiday specials will still be up there... Oh yeah, Legendary Farce's extended edition is also going to be sticking around. Excellent; I need to give that thing a piece of my mind.

Obviously, this sucks. Mind you, I've got most of the old seasons on DVD, but when it comes to stuff like Samurai or Dino Charge, I'm going to be shit out of luck in that regard. Honestly, I don't get the thinking behind this. Maybe it's rights issues. Maybe Hasbro has their own shitty streaming service nobody is going to buy... or maybe they'll lose their minds and put this shit on Youtube for free and that will probably cause Haim Saban to go nuts and buy back the franchise. The man wants his money, after all.

Either way, it sucks that most of the series is going to be off a service that is used by millions and we're all stuck with whatever shitty Netflix original series or Adam Sandler film is posted every once in a while. Fuck me, can we turn back the clock ten years to back when we had Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares on this fucking service?

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