Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Mega Man Maker Level - DTM20 - Weapons Research I

Click the link to play the level:

I uploaded this video and the level last week onto the DTM Archive Youtube channel and held off posting it here as to not take the focus of the week away from the Brodie Lee tribute.

Sat on this one for a year or two and did a couple tweaks before putting it out there. Weapons Research makes use of select Master Weapons and their various abilities. Knowing these abilities is key to survival and there's also some quick swapping required in a couple key moments. A more advanced level than usual... and yes, the boss fight took longer than necessary. I don't care. It's done. Next.

So, this video was posted before the update to v1.7 came around. I've got some Wily Challenges recorded that I'll be prepping and hopefully post in the coming weeks, but that's something I'm hoping to get going again. I miss those things and the new update is fantastic.

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