Friday, January 15, 2021

Does Anyone Give A Shit About No Time To Die Anymore?

No Time To Die, the 25th James Bond feature film and rumored to be the final film featuring Daniel Craig as the title character, is apparently going to be delayed for the umpteenth time from an Easter release to later this fall, because apparently the studio really want people to come to theatres to see this really, totally awesome movie, you blokes you.

Okay, so the saga of No Time To Die is one best told by others and I will direct you to this fellow here, who is more of a Bond aficionado than I. But apparently, the movie is done. They're just waiting for this pandemic to over with so people will flock to cinemas and catch this awesome movie with this new girl agent that might be the new 007 or something. Or maybe we're doing the codename thing for realz.

At this point, does anyone really care?

The Daniel Craig era hasn't been a huge runaway hit. Casino and Skyfall are probably the only two really good ones and the other two are just... there. For the diehard fans, I'm sure they just want to watch the movie and they don't care how. As long as it's out and over with. This compulsive need to debut this film in theatres is just sad. Does it suck for the movie houses? Sure, but at this point, best option would be to stay home and wait for the movie to show up there.

Whatever, who cares, right?

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