Wednesday, January 13, 2021

COMIC REVIEW - Star Trek: Nero (2010)

Written by Tim Jones & Mike Johnson
Art by David Messina

The other Trek 09 prequel comic miniseries focuses on Nero and what he's been up to in between the prologue and the rest of the movie many years later. Beginning shortly after George Kirk sacrificed his ship and his life to save the fleeing crew, Nero and his ship are soon ambushed and captured by Klingons, who somewhat resemble the Klingons we're familiar with when they don't have their helmets on.

A lot of the Klingon stuff is based on deleted scenes from the movie and Nero's band eventually make their escape, but there is an additional element that comes into play that gives Nero the answer to where and when to find Spock. I won't spoil it here, but it is a nod to another Star Trek movie that I thought made quite a bit of scene in the larger picture and was a nice fit here.

David Messina returns to art duties here and he hasn't missed a beat. The same kind of colors and character portrayals are pretty spot-on in his own stylized way and his interpretation of the Klingon ships as well as the battle at the end of the series is pretty good,.

Nero isn't quite as good or as essential as Countdown, but it's still a pretty good read and fills in the gap nicely between point A and point B.

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