Wednesday, January 13, 2021

COMIC REVIEW - Star Trek: Countdown To Darkness (2012-2013)

Written by Mike Johnson (with Roberto Orci)
Art by David Messina

Much like the previous film, Star Trek Into Darkness - the overall twelfth Trek film and the second in the Kelvin Timeline trilogy of films - got its own prequel comic book series in the form of Countdown To Darkness... and in hindsight, this one hasn't aged all that well.

Don't get me wrong; as a story in a vacuum, it's a fairly traditional Trek story involving a trip to a new planet, the discovering of a reimagined classic character, the depiction of Klingons in this new universe, and an otherwise, fairly entertaining romp. There are some minor inconsistencies in terms of canon - the mention of a previous Starship Enterprise before the one featured in the movie, for example... which I don't believe ever made it to Kelvin canon - but as a standalone adventure, it's a perfectly adequate Trek comic book.

As a tie-in comic, there are a couple plotpoints that tie in to the movie in question, but these are mostly related to comments made in passing in the film. Unlike the first Countdown miniseries or even the Nero miniseries that came afterwards, there's no real reason to dive into this one expecting anything that would further your enjoyment of what has since become a somewhat divisive motion picture.

David Messina's artwork is still pretty much a highlight to these comics and pretty much drive the series onwards. But he's provided artwork for many superior Trek minis. Not quite his best work, but still pretty good.

Countdown to Darkness is fairly basic Trek fare and an underwhelming tie-in comic.

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