Thursday, January 14, 2021

Boom Studios' Kickstarter... To Sell You The Same Crap They've Sold For Years.


Well... that's something.

The link above will take you to Boom Studios' Kickstarter campaign in order to fund their (already funded) campaign to produce hardcore editions of their Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic book. Sounds totally fine... until you realize that these volumes have been available for some time and cost hundreds of dollars per volume for stuff you can already get for far cheaper by purchasing the appropriate trade paperbacks.

I won't completely poo-poo this off the bat; the hardcovers are a bit of an uncommon find and for those folks with plenty of disposable income who want a nice way of getting six hardcovers of the comic run have a great opportunity to do so here, along with some interesting perks, including your very own Megazord stand to house all these books.

Still, you can't help but admire Boom Studios for finding new ways to pedal the same crap over and over again over the course of several years. Multiple covers, multiple trades, multiple hardcovers, and whatnots in different shapes and sizes. Not a new thing in comics, mind you; there was a time when such practices was fairly common a couple decades back and it damned near killed the entire industry, but sure, why not bring this practice back to fool the dimwitted masses who can't help but buy this stuff.

Interested? Click the link and check it out. Campaign ends February 4th.

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