Monday, December 14, 2020

An Old Review Is Apparently Not Fit For Anyone By Youtube

Yeah, so I got this Sunday morning and this came out of nowhere.

It's the old Pac-Man review from 2011 and after reviewing the video, I'm wondering what happened here that caused Youtube to suddenly lose their shit and make this the equivalent of hardcore pornography. Honestly, I'm not really hurting over this. It's an old video that's garnered very few views and something tossed together as a lark more than anything... however, for some reason, I decided to appeal this decision. Worth a try, I suppose.

So I submit the following appeal.

So, this nine-year old video is apparent age-restricted for reasons that have not been clearly specified and after reviewing the video in question, I found a video that does not feature any semblance of pornography, hate speech, graphic content, or even swearing. The description (literally just a single sentence) does not feature any links or keywords to anything that would feature inappropriate content. And while the video was never intended for children, I found nothing that would be considered inappropriate for said younger audience. Therefore, I would like to not only appeal this decision, but I would also appreciate any specific reasoning that led to this decision. Regards.

A few hours later, I got a reply from Youtube, who saw that the video did not, in fact, violate any Community Guidelines and is safe for all audiences. Glad we've got that sorted out in a prompt manner.

And hey, I've no ill will here. Mistakes happen, the system isn't perfect, and sometimes I wonder if the smaller creators have any semblance of a voice in this bloated "influencer" market... but some good can come of it, cooler heads prevail, and life goes on.

So, thanks, YouTube.

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