Monday, December 7, 2020

AEW Dynamite (Dec. 2nd, 2020): I'm With Vinny On This One

(Yeah, so I was going to put this out last week, but forgot about it, so better late than never.)

Winter came and went... some quick thoughts on the monumental edition of AEW Dynamite where a bunch of stuff happened...


Oh, you want more? Fine... but don't expect much more. When a show leaves me with little to say other than "this rule", then that's a sign of a quality, entertainment program.

We begin with a battle royal for a diamond ring that has Miro beating up a bunch of guys before getting MJF'ed and Inner Circled... but eventually, it comes down to MJF and Orange Cassidy, who haz a match next week to see who gets the diamond ring or something. 'Tis a battle royal, kids. You've seen one... you've seen them all... but hey, if there's any fitting tribute to the recently passed Pat Patterson, it'd be a good Rumble match. This is close enough, though.

Chris Jericho defeated Frankie Kazarian in a match that featured shenanigans involving Sammy, Maxwell, and a towel. Jericho then delivers an ultimatum to his Inner Circle buddies - get their shit together or go their own separate ways. Cool.

There's a match between Britt Baker and another big woman whose name I forgot. It was okay, but then Thunder Rosa attacked Britt after the match and I'm like... meh.

Cody Rhodes and TNT Champion Darby Allin defeated Ricky Starks and Powerhouse Hobbs in a fun little tag match followed by a beating on the good guys by Team Taz... and then the lights go out, some spooky music plays, snow starts falling...

And then Sting shows up... THE ICON. THE VIGILANTE THE ICON STING ARRIVES AT AEW... and he howls. And Schiavone is pissing himself. So great of AEW to sign new fresh talent like that young Sting fellow...

Look. all kidding aside, it's a nice little moment. Sting goes down, faces off with Double A, faces off with Cody, and then stares down the youngster Darby who is compared to Sting. It's a nice little piece of business that made for a cool little moment, but then I'm wondering... what is he going to do there? Apparently, it's a full-time gig. So is he putting over younger talent or are we doing the same shit that TNA did back in the day? Maybe Sting beats [REDACTED] for the title down the road or something. I don't know... all I know is that this isn't TNA where the old guys beat the young guys with no hope of giving the young guys the rub. This isn't WWE where they tried Sting like a joke. This is AEW where we treat our legends with respect by having them fight Sammy Guevara in stupidly dangerous matches... wait, that didn't turn out the way I had intended.

I should mention this bit... Alex Marvez is interviewing Hikaru Shida (YOUR AEW Women's Champion) about Abaddon and Shida claims not to be scared of a girl doing zombie cosplay; she does cosplay too. Then something clanks in the background, Shida asks for a redo, Alex tells her they're live, and she's gotta go... They should've had JR back there so he can answer that "we're live, pal."

I'm queazy about Shida being scared of Abaddon... she's beaten her in the past, but hey, it was an entertaining little bit and at the very least, Shida wasn't crying like a bitch in fear of Zombie Cosplay Girl, unlike a certain Red Belt holder in a feud with a guy doing zombie cosplay in a silly mask.

Kenny Omega defeated AEW World Champion Jon Moxley with an assist from DON CALLIS, who slips a mic for Kenny to stab Mox's head with, follow with a bunch of V-Triggers and a one-winged angel to STEAL the title. This act of theft is further hammered in when he and Cyrus run for the hills as everyone cries foul... it's a hilarious visual, by the way. And then Alex Marvez (the guy who wrote Death Of WCW) ambushes the two and Callis tells us to go watch Impact on Tuesday to learn all about it.

And then it hit me.

Aw shit. I'm gonna have to watch Impact now, am I?

Fuck you, TK. I am NOT watching Impact Wrestling.

Look, the match is going to be divisive, but I thought it was a tremendous match with a nice bit of everything; some wrestling bits, some brawling bits, some punches while sitting on chairs, a shitload of V-Triggers in different flavors, and even ol' Cyrus takes a bump for the second time in his career to contribute to the only end of the Jon Moxley era that makes sense. Kenny Omega being champion in a heelish manner fits the narrative they're going with this. Kenny Omega appearing on Impact Wrestling is a thing that blows my mind. I have thoughts on this... but I won't share them here. We'll save that for later.

In any event, Winter Is Coming had a big main event and a big moment that made the show worthwhile and even some of the undercard stuff was pretty fun. The weakest match in my book was merely passable fare and that's not a terrible thing to say about what was a generally entertaining show.

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