Thursday, November 19, 2020

RAW Bytes (Nov. 16th. 2020): Retri-POOP-shun Is A Mystery...

So, for reasons that escape me, I watched some bits of last Monday's edition of RAW. I didn't watch all of it because I'm still getting a headache from that Thunderdome stuff and I can only stomach a bit of it before I have to turn the show off. However, I was able to watch a couple major bits and figured I'd share my thoughts.

1 - Nia Jax Puts Lana Through Table... Not A Burial
So a huge stink has been made of this Lana getting put through a table as a weekly thing. The prevailing theory is that WWE is burying Lana because her husband (whom they had under contract this year until they future endeavored him) went to AEW. Far be it for me to defend something from modern WWE, but I figure if they really wanted to bury Lana, she wouldn't be on TV or at least be languishing on Main Event every once in a while. In looking to this, my belief is that WWE is actually thinking this is a good thing for Lana because their logic goes that people will feel sorry for this woman being abused by a table and when she gets her revenge via Nia getting her just desserts, the peasants will rejoice.

It's not a new occurance. WWE has attempted to recreate the "Daniel Bryan" formula by having someone lose time and time again before giving them the big win and that's their big idea on how to make new stars. The problem is that people actually liked Daniel Bryan and actually wanted to see him win the big one, whereas Lana is just someone people see as being buried because her husband went to a rival promotion. Nobody is buying the story they're telling. And they wonder why their ratings are down.

2 - Drew Wins His Belt Back
So at the PPV a couple weeks ago, Randy Orton beat Drew McIntyre to win his 14th World title... and then Drew wins it back on Monday so he could wrestle Roman Reigns at the Survivor Series PPV featuring a bunch of red shirts fighting a bunch of blue shirts. I'm wondering if WWE is burying Randy because his brother showed up on that Talk-N-Shop-A-Mania show on Friday and so they decided to deprive Randy of a pay day or something... or maybe they figured nobody cared about Randy Vs. Roman and so we did the change. The match was alright, I thought. I know they had a billion matches before that, but I hadn't seen those and I was entertained by the match whenever I could watch it without the billion camera cuts... and Drew wins the title back... cool. Now what?

3 - Retripooption is a mystery
That's all I got.

Those are all my RAW thoughts.

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