Monday, November 2, 2020

RAW After Mania (April 3rd, 2006): The Night After The Birth Of Cuck Fena

So what a difference a year makes. John Cena went from beloved champion to hated fellow in roundabout fashion. And when HHH is unable to sway the crowd into cheering for the chosen one, we've got a situation that would continue on for DECADES.

In any event, there's a nice opening segment with Cena, Hunter, and Edge; some nice barbs here and there about perfect Mania streaks not being in the main event and such. This exchange results in a handicap match with HHH and Edge teaming up against Cena and McSon-In-Law wins, of course.

In other news, the Spirit Squad (a male cheerleader group that you're supposed to hate in 2006, but would've been babyfaces in 2020) beat KANE and the FUCKING BIG SHOW for the Tag-Team titles in a big upset. Chavo Guerrero "quits" after losing a match against Shelton Benjamin - but he'd eventually show up on Smackdown to fuck with Rey Mysterio... that's loads of fun right there. Shane and Vince challenged Shawn Michaels and GOD to a match... no, not a wrestler named GOD, but the actual Almighty himself... but not Lashley... this is so fucking stupid.

There's actually some fun stuff on here and after a couple dull years, we have a good RAW after Mania. Things are supposed to be looking up because this is when things are supposed to get really, really good in WWE.

I sure hope so.

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