Tuesday, October 13, 2020

RAW After Mania (March 31st, 2003): Austin out. Goldberg In. Yaaaooohh wait...


Oh, yes, kids. We're diving into the McSon-In-Law years for this one.

Wrestlemania XIX was an interesting little thing. It saw Stone Cold Steve Austin have his last match ever, it saw Hulk Hogan and Vince McMahon beat the shit out of each other, Chris Jericho pretty much resuscitating Shawn Michaels' career, and Brock Lesnar defeating Kurt Angle to win back the WWE Championship that he was screwed out of months prior.

Oh... and McSon-In-Law retained his Big Gold Belt by pinning Booker T, who had been laying in the ring for five years after getting hit with a Pedigree...

I don't want to watch this show... but I must... or not... fuck it, let's do it...

So the way they write off Steve Austin is that RAW GM Eric Bischoff sent him home and teased sending his walking papers via Fed-Ex, which is almost similar to how Austin was (legit) fired from WCW once upon a time. While it wasn't actually widely known - some thought this was a means to send ol' Stone Cold to Smackdown - this was WWE's way of phasing out Austin from in-ring action without actually announcing a formal retirement or anything like that and leave him open for potential teases and such that continues to this very day whether associated parties like it or not.

It's Rock Appreciation Night, which means Rock clips throughout the show... and nothing says we appreciate the Rock better than having McSon-In-Law squash the Hurricane in quick fashion. The Hurricane who was in a little program with the Rock and was better off because of it because Rock is such a giving guy he was willing to work with (almost) anyone to get them at a higher level... and then out comes HUN-TOR to kill that momentum dead. I hate this fucking show.

The Rock then does a promo declaring he's got nothing better to do, so he's leaving... but then out comes GOLDBERG in a big surprise! Or at least, it would've been if you hadn't spoiled it the night before in an effort to try and pop a big rating. Not sure if it worked, but hey. We lost Austin, but now we got DA MAN! And he's facing DA ROCK! At Backlash! AW MAN! THIS IS GONNA BE...

The match is gonna suck, isn't it?

Kane and RVD win the tag titles... and then they'd lose the titles. Kane would eventually lose his mask and set Jim Ross on fire. RVD would just... be there.

I don't want to do these shows anymore.

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