Tuesday, October 20, 2020

RAW After Mania (March 15th, 2004): We Don't Talk About This One

So... the night before this show was Wrestlemania 20... featuring a main event World title match that we don't talk about anymore... because it features someone of dubious reputation and stuff.

But honestly, this was a nothing show. There was a really good segment between McSon-In-Law and [REDACTED] to open the show, a bunch of nothing happening stuff in between that would've meant more if I were watching these weekly, and a solid tag-team main between [REDACTED] and HBK going over Evolution.

I say "We Don't Talk About This One" in the title bar because it's the night after Mania 20 and the night [REDACTED] won the title in an emotional end to the show that I can't watch anymore, but the truth is there's nothing to talk about and that's why we don't talk about this one.

Maybe next year's show will be better.

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