Monday, October 12, 2020

A Month Away From Discovery

We're less than a month away from the premiere of the newest Star Trek series, exclusive to the on-demand CBS All-Access service in the U.S. or on the Crave TV service in Canada. There is a much stronger push for the series as far as adverts, promos, and the eventual merch deals are concerned and from what I've been reading online, there are equal parts excitement, resentment, and apathy to spread across the land.

And yet as I'm watching all this stuff and reading all the interviews and write-ups about the faithfulness, the canonicity, and the cinematicity... for lack of a better non-word, I find myself rather ambivalent towards the series. An almost anti-excitement that dulls my mood for this show.

You know, it's funny. Every time they'd announce a new spin-off series back in the day, my interest is piqued automatically. A new show on a space station? A starship lost on the other side of the galaxy? A prequel to the Original Series? These were some out there ideas, but most of them turned out okay. And every time they'd announce a new movie, I'm rather enthusiastic about it. Whether it was the old TNG films or the recent reboots, those were events to look forward in my book.

This time, however... it's different. This time... it's not as important... or perhaps not as much of an event.

I'm just not feeling this Discovery show... and I honestly couldn't tell you why.

Maybe it's the premise of the show that I'm not a fan of. Maybe it's the way the show looks. Maybe it's just my general apathy towards current television. Or maybe I have more than my fair share of Trek to fall back on and I'm perfectly fine with that... but to be perfectly honest, I was more excited over the Star Trek: The Next Generation Mirror Broken comic book miniseries than I was the new television show.

This show isn't doing much for me. It's not making me feel excited over its impending debut. And I don't know if that should be a cause for concern.

Well... I guess we'll see how it turns out next month.

Or maybe not.

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