Monday, October 26, 2020

Bad Gas Derails Plans, So Here's Some Havoc

Stomach issues, sadly, derailed any work to be done on the blog, so it's light slimmings. On the one hand, this allows the Youtube side of things to catch up in regards to the video content. On the other hand, no new videos this week on the blog beyond, maybe one or two picks along the way.

However, those who missed my PPV Musings for whatever reason will be happy to learn that two new ones will be posted this week. Neither are current PPVs as I haven't seen either one from this weekend, but they are old WCW shows relating to a certain gimmick that will be making a comeback on this week's edition of NXT. So look forward to that eventually.

Other than that, everything is up in the air. If something comes up, it'll be up... but videos have been curtailed yet again.

I swear the doughnut isn't at fault. I recorded that video two weeks ago.

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