Saturday, September 26, 2020

Variety Tries To Figure Out Why Nobody Is Watching WWE Anymore


Spoiler: they say the same things everyone else has been saying for years. Product isn't good as it used to be, it's too juvenile, kids aren't watching, Saudi Arabia, and the independent contractor status among things being brought up. The fact that mainstream media is picking up on it - even if it is just Variety and not much more than that - seems a bit troubling.

I wouldn't read too much into this, however. Wrestling is that fake bullshit, after all, and doesn't merit proper coverage unless someone dies from a steroid overdose or something. I can't imagine this Andrew Lang thing lasting any longer than the current election cycle before it's promptly forgotten about when we no longer need to cater to those hick rasslin' fans who probably don't even know what a polling station is.

Oh, well. It's a fun read for anyone who wants to pretend people give one modicum of a rat's ass about WWE.

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