Monday, September 21, 2020

RAW After Mania (April 3rd, 2000): After A Bad Mania


Wrestlemania 2000 (their branding, not mine) was a peculiar little show and not a particularly good one. It was perhaps most notable for its main event; a four-corners elimination match for the WWF Championship with a McMahon in every corner that saw reigning WWF Champion HHH become the first heel (bad guy) to walk out of 'Mania with the championship. To send the crowd home happy, Rock Rockbottomed Steph and gave her a People's Elbow.

This is the night after, starting with the McMahon praising their master plan and challenging the Rock to a match against one of them that ends up being Shane McMahon. The match main evented the show, featured a bunch of stupid shit that somehow ended with Rock getting the pin on HHH (who wasn't even in the match). It was probably not the strongest main event on a RAW, but it helped push the story further.

Not a whole lot of memorable moments on this show other than Eddie Guerrero beating Chris Jericho with an assist from Chyna to win the European championship. The Eddie/Chyna pairing would give birth to the fun Latino Heat gimmick that would stick with Eddie until his passing in 2005. So the start of something good, at least.

Also, Big Show decided he's going to be a comedian and dress up as different gimmicks... but that's all we can do with a big guy who ate the Giant.

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