Tuesday, August 4, 2020

AEW Dynamite (July 15th, 2020): Fight For The Fallen 2020

A week after their 2-night Fyter Fest from an empty Daily's Place, AEW held their Fight For The Fallen show on an episode of Dynamite, where proceeds to T-shirts would to COVID relief efforts, keeping in line with the charitable nature of the event. We're getting a World title match on this show that we didn't get the week prior due to COVID related reasons.

TNT Champion Cody defeated Sonny Kiss to retain the title in a good little match that was more about Cody showing signs of turning than any semblance of giving people a reason to care about Sonny Kiss beyond his sexual preferences. If anyone has an issue with my bringing this up, you can try and change this by giving the guy some substance because right now "guy who crosses a box off the diversity checklist" is not neither sufficient reason to care nor is it sufficient character development. Beyond that, he did fine, but nothing more than that, really.

FTR (Fuck The Revival) defeated the Lucha Bros when one of the FTR guys played with one of the Lucha Bros' masks and cradled him for the win. Then Kenny shows up to offer some refreshments and ends up getting doused in beer... uh-oh. Match was alright, but I don't know. Something was missing here.

There's a bit with Chris Jericho and the Inner Circle where they talk about ratings and demos, giving Jericho another nickname (Demo God) to put on a T-Shirt. But Chris, what about that elusive 50+ demo that you're about to enter in a few short months? Those deserve love too. Anyway, Orange Cassidy shows up, gives Le Champion Le Thumb Down and a shitload of orange juice falls from the sky all over the IC, ruining Jericho's white jacket. Tremendous segment that gave us Jericho on commentary for the rest of the night and a running gimmick that somehow didn't make a T-Shirt... yet.

The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega defeated the Jurrassic Express in a fine little six-man tag that followed up with Kenny beating up Marko Stunt because of the beer earlier.

Brandi Rhodes and Allie defeated two girls whose names I've forgotten. It was short and the winners bicker because they hate each other. Wonderful.

Nyla Rose comes out and introduces her new manager... Vickie Guerrero. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised given Vickie's been around the block as of late and at least she's got something to do. Hopefully, Nyla will be an upgrade over Dolph Ziggler, but who knows at this point?

AEW Champion Jon Moxley defeated unsanctioned FTW Champion Brian Cage via Taz throwing in the towel because Mox had Cage in an armbar, applying pressure on the bad arm of Brian Cage that wasn't brought to light until this very show and Cage wouldn't give up and so Taz threw the towel. Then Cage whacked Mox for a bit before the light goes out and when they back on, DARBY ALLIN hits Cage with a skateboard and we have a bunch of geeks keeping the thing apart for minutes on end before the show eventually goes off the air.

Regarding the finish, it made sense at the time and going back to rewatch it again - it still makes sense to do it this way because it served the story being told. To breakdown the story, Mox can't just beat Cage with a DDT and be done because he's too big, so he focuses on Cage's arm that put him out of action for several months during his Impact career. He said as much in his promo earlier in the night and when Mox has Cage in the submission and Cage showed no sign of quitting despite potentially going back on the shelf as a result, Taz ended up throwing the title because he didn't want to lose his investment.

Now whether Cage should've taken a loss this soon or not is another story entirely, but for the purpose this match served, it was perfectly fine.

Another quality outing from the AEW folks. Tomorrow is the catch-up.

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