Friday, August 14, 2020

AEW Dynamite (August 12th, 2020): Tag Team Appreciation Night Doesn't Appreciate Tag Teams

Sorry for the delay, folks... but here's my quick Dynamite thoughts after the break. Probably won't be covering the pre-emptied editions of the show ahead and I'm not even sure if All Out is in the cards at the moment, but we'll get back to this one soon enough in some form or fashion.

AEW has "fans" in the stands - not actual fans, but invited guests in the cheap seats. I guess that can help give the show more of a vibe. Anything helps at this point?

The Young Bucks defeated Evil Uno and Stu Grayson of the Dark Order in a solid tag-team match, the first of many in what was dubbed "Tag Team Appreciation Night" by AEW as hosted by Fuck The Revival.

Kenny Omega says his favorite team is the Young Bucks. Hangman Page wisely (and accurately) says their own team... when one half of the tag team champions suggests some other team as their favorite, you have problems.

It's another quality MJF campaign promo where he talks a big game about Dictator John and all that. Then Moxley's music hits and Maxwell sends his goons to cover all the entrances because that's where Mox usually comes from... except tonight, the reigning AEW World Champion actually uses the entrances and beats the shit out of MJF, hitting a Paradigm Shift, and making his way to the back to share some thoughts on Mox. And then MJF is crying about his neck and asks his handlers to be gentle with him. There are tough guys, there are smart guys, there are chicken shits, and then there's Maxwell Jacob Friedman, who talks a big game, but isn't afraid to show a little ass to sate the audience's desire to see him get his comeuppance at the appropriate date. This is what we call "being a good wrestling bad guy."

Meanwhile, Matt Hardy is made about the chair shot from Sammy and attacks a referee who was dressed like Sammy. Maybe Matt should invest in a larger golf cart to run the poor bastard over with.

TNT Champion CODY defeated door kicking Scorpio Sky to retain the title. The last time I saw Scorpio Sky, he was with SCU and now he has new music. This is one of AEW's issues that irk me and it's not exclusive to AEW; they assume you watch all their extra stuff like Dark and BTE and thus don't feel the need to give you background on things that happened off Dynamite. To someone who only watches Dynamite (hand raised here), all these changes seem sudden and without appropriate coverage, you're wondering what the fuck is going on.

That having been said, it was a good, fun match while it lasted and Scorpio has a bright future ahead of him if they let him do stuff outside of Dark. I would be remiss if I didn't mention the referee for the match was recently future endeavored WWE official Mike Cioda, whose name I can't spell. And then Brodie Lee shows up with the old TNT title - oh yeah, I forgot. They introduced the finished TNT belt with the gold plating and added detailing. It's a much nicer looking belt that I was rather lukewarm on initially. Anyway, Brodie is challenging for the TNT title at the pre-emptied Dynamite next weekend.

AEW Tag-Team Champions Kenny Omega & Hangman Page defeated Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus to retain the titles. Perfectly acceptable tag team wrestling.

We have Tag Team Appreciation Night with FTR and the Bucks joined by Arn & Tully and the Rock N Roll Express... man, those guys will do anything for money! Anyway, everyone appreciates each other before Tully declares that the best tag team are the champions (see, Kenny? Even Tully knows better, you idiot!) and then Arn bails once Shawn Spears shows up, which causes a ruckus with the old guys that causes one of the FTR guys to fall down. Then FTR ambush the RNR and hits Ricky Morton with a spike piledriver. Well, that was a thing.

AEW Women's Champion Hikaru Shida defeated new girl Heather Whatsherface in a short match that should've been shorter. Seriously, why is the new girl getting blows on the champion in her debut match? Shida should be killing this girl in quick fashion. If you want to give new talent a try out, maybe don't book them against the champion in their debut match and expect people to buy into her as a credible threat.

After the match, Shida declares she's still waiting for a challenger, bring it on. Isn't Nyla Rose the No. 1 contender or something? Shouldn't she be the challenger?

And in the main event, Orange Cassidy defeated Chris Jericho via weird roll-up thing in a match that wasn't quite as good as their first encounter from a few weeks ago, but was still a fun little match. In fact, things were so wacko that the show ended almost a minute after Cassidy scored the pinfall. Come on, guys. This is fucking TNA levels of rank amateur hour shit. Also, since Jericho lost the match, does he owe Cassidy seven grand? The world must know.

On a whole, another solid and fairly entertaining but very bullshit episode of Dyanmite on hand here. I mean, you have the temerity to declare this Tag Team Appreciation Night and you only do TWO tag matches out of your slotted five and only have a couple bits talking about their favorite teams? That's a load of maclunkey!

Other than that, good show, kids. Looking forward to the next one.

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