Monday, July 6, 2020

Nintendo Life Commenters Confound Me

So every once in a while, I frequent the news site known as Nintendo Life... because it has Nintendo news and I obviously own a current Nintendo system, so this sort of thing is relevant.

Every once in a while, Nintendo Life will post news about Brie Larson (she who played that Carol Danvers person in a couple Marvel movie and the one with the unicorn) and her love for Nintendo. This causes people to throw a fit because she is a meanie in real life. Also, every once in a while, Nintendo Life will post news about a new emulator gimmick and people will complain about things playing ROMs and stuff. And then sometimes, they'll post a fluff piece about a glitch recently uncovered and people... well, you know.

I admit some of the things they post on their could hardly qualify as newsworthy, but seriously, fellas? If you don't like the fluff pieces, don't touch the fluff pieces. Sometimes, the HEADLIE is all it takes to decide whether a post is worth your damn or not.

Yeah, that's all I got.

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