Friday, June 5, 2020

WWF In Your House #12 - It's Time (December 1996 PPV)

The final IYH show from 1996 and then we'll talk Double Or Nothing next week... unless you want me to comment on the Shittiest Wrestling Match Evar or something.

Flash Funk defeated Leif Cassidy (a.k.a. Al Snow in a goofy Rockers gimmick) in what could be best described as the most indy-riffic match I've ever indied... and that's the one thing I never expected to say about any match involving Al Snow, but there you go.

WWF Tag-Team Champions British Bulldog and Owen Hart defeated Fake "Razor" and Fake "Diesel" to retain the titles. This match is notably only because it features the team of Fake Razor and Fake Diesel, who exist solely so that WWF could say they use the gimmicks and stick it to WCW and theit lawsuit. Fake Diesel would go on to become Kane, while Fake Razor would go back to Japan. Oh well.

Marc Mero defeated Intercontinental champion HHH via countout after Goldust ran in and knocked both guys out with the title belt. Mero would get a few more licks in after the match, which was pretty fun stuff for the most part. Ending was kinda lame, but what're you gonna do, right?

Undertaker defeated the Executioner (a masked Terry Gordy who has seen better days) in a less than stellar match-up that damned near put me to sleep. Just writing about this match is making me lose the will to leave, so I'll just stop and move on.

WWF Champion Sid defeated Bret Hart to retain the title after a bunch of run-ins from Austin, Bulldog, and Owen before a cur-shuffle with Shawn Michaels (who was doing commentary on the side) derailed Bret's chances. After the match, Bret beats up on Shawn and the show ends. A fine match before the ending messed things up.

This was a show that happened. Basically, one of those PPVs shows that has some good stuff on it if you dig deep enough, but lacks any real reason for existing beyond filling a monthly calendar spot. What's on display is mostly fine, but also entirely pointless.

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