Thursday, June 4, 2020

SMB2 and SMB3 Reviews Pushed To Next Week Among Other Things

So how was your weekend?

Yeah, so stuff happened. You know as well as I do. And I generally don't talk real world stuff here because that's not the kind of thing I'd want to touch on here and the online world as a whole is not the appropriate platform to discuss such topics. I thought about not doing anything for the week or even the month, but as it is, the show must go on... if not for anyone else, then for the sake of maintaining whatever shred of faith in humanity is left.

Trust me, this year, that faith has been shaken and stirred to its lowest level yet.

So three reviews in, just as I'm about to upload the SMB2 review, I give it a rare re-watch and I decide that there are certain lines that need to be excised due to the recent state of affairs. So I ended up doing a partial redub to remove the offending bits, but unfortunately, the new dub doesn't jive with the old edits. So that got a pushback... and then I discovered that half my video is missing in-game audio... so that's another excuse problem.

As such, what was going to close out this week and eventually be a weekend thing has been pushed back to next week. If all goes well, expect the SMB2 and SMB3 reviews to be up Monday and Tuesday, respectively. Hey, it sucks, but at least when these get on the Youtube, they'll be ready to go or something.

Speaking of which, next delayed Youtube review will be up tomorrow. Again, didn't feel like posting a video up during heated times and hopefully, the world won't go completely further into shit that I can feel confident posting another one tomorrow (I think it's Vs. Castlevania... might have to check.)

In the meantime, today is this update, tomorrow is the In Your House write-up, Saturday is... something, and Sunday is another canned DTM-Cast where I ramble about an old WWE PPV that killed my interest in WWE PPVs of the modern day. After that, Wednesday will see a woefully composed Double Or Nothing musings, Thursday is the return of Slideshow Movie Reviews, and Friday is another video review.

Sorry about this, folks. I'll have something else up later today and tomorrow.

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