Monday, June 8, 2020

Breaking The Week Down...

Quick notes of sorts...

- The SMB2 and SMB3 reviews will be up Thursday and Friday respectively. From there, expect the next few weeks after to be nothing but Tuesday and Friday reviews from then on.

- This week's PPV Musings will be the AEW Double Or Nothing show from a few weeks ago and then next week will be the February 1997 In Your House PPV. For the four people wondering, I have not watched the Takeover show from yesterday.

- There will be no daily post tomorrow. The focus will be more on trying to build some stability to the website.

Continual downtime for another month or so and the lack of desire to go anywhere beyond basic essentials means spending more time working on the blog, including much needed work that I've held off for years and must get around to putting together.

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