Friday, June 19, 2020

AEW Dynamite (June 17th, 2020): Two Hours Of Fun Stuff... And Billy Gunn

Pretty much what it says on the tin... and you know what? I'm starting to get used to these Dynamite shows with these fake fans and being stuck in Daily's Place for the foreseeable future, because the atmosphere on these shows have been akin to a small, passionate indy promotion than something that is manufactured and phony. I'd imagine once real fans are allowed in the arenas, it'll make for a more rabid feel, but for now, these feel closest to the old shows as you can get.

Sadly, Florida is run by buffoons... which is a euphemism for some other word I'd use, but I'm trying to be nice here because AEW is run by nice people... until it's revealed that it isn't several years down the line. I hate this fucking planet.

But I digress... on with the show.

AEW Tag-Team Champions Hangman "You Don’t Need a Hat to Be a Cowboy" Page & Kenny Omega defeated Dustin Rhodes and QT Marshall to retain the titles. Meanwhile, Dr. Britt is sending notes to Tony Schiavone to detract us from the match... dear Dr. Britt, we like you, we want you to get better, and we appreciate your time on TV to educate the plebians, but please don't send Tony notes during a great tag match. It's distracting. Would you like it if I were passing notes to other people Thanks.

We get a promo video on Anna Jay, who appeared on Dynamite some time ago... and then she gets quickly beat by some ghoulish ghoul named Abadon, who keeps it short... so she's already a better gimmick than the Fiend, though I can't imagine that lasting long and she devolves into the Boogeyman or Evil Allie or whatever it is. And the Dark Order shows up, gives Colt Cobana a Dark Order contract and help Anna Jay out... please don't tell me Anna Jay is joining the Dark Order. I like her the way she is... Anna Jay matters... or something.

MJF defeated Billy (w/ Austin and Colton Gunn Of The Gunn Club... where's Chuck Gunn Of the Gunn Clube Club?) in a thing that happened. And then MJF and Jungle Boy go at it in a ringside brawl involving a bunch of people. Social distancing? What's that?

Meanwhile, Britt and Tony are apparently on a Friendship Timeout and Britt calls for Rebel to drive her away, but WAIT JUST A MINUTE, KING! That ain't Rebel! THAT'S BIG SWOLE! "WHERE TO, DOCTOR?!" And then Swole drives Britt away... yes, this was Big Swole's Taker driving Britt Baker's Stephanie away... can't wait for the... oh wait, never mind. Britt ends up in a dumpster later.

TNT Champion CODY defeated former NWA World Television Champion and newest AEW signee Absolute Ricky Starks to retain the title in a pretty fun match. And great job on signing Starks to a contract; I enjoyed his work on NWA Powerrr and felt like he had what it took to make it on the big stage. And here he is, proving it to the TNT audience. I like the opening video package, I like that he hung in there with Cody, and while he didn't win (nor should he have), he's got enough fire going for him that I think he'll be just fine.

Also, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Cody's own promo bemusing his loneliness. "Am I still part of the Elite? Is the Nightmare Family still a Family?" Nothing special on the surface, but the seeds are being planted and when it happens, at least there's some mild motivation.

The Young Bucks defeated Superbad Death Squad (Jimmy Havoc, Kip Sabian) in a fun little tag match. Nuff said.

A couple promos from Taz and Jon Moxley to hype the upcoming Fyter Fest World title match between Mox and Brian Cage. Simpler stuff, but still pretty good stuff. It's easy to forget how much of a great promo Taz was and Mox is no slouch in this department, either. I'm actually looking forward to this because it's not another WWE-esque match and it's something you can say is different.

And then we get to the best part; Rebel finding Britt Baker in a dumpster, who fires Rebel... then re-hires her after the latter realizes she's free. She then threatens to sue Big Swole and make her regret her henious acts... this entire segment is better than what I'm writing out here since Britt is awesome in her role and Rebel is perfect in the reluctant sidekick role. Brilliant, fun stuff. Because I like fun and this was fun.

And in the main event, The Best Friends defeated LE SEX GODS when a cameraman trips Sammy give his Best Friends an opening to go for the win... but WAIT JUST A MINUTE, KING! That's no cameraman! That's Orange Cassidy and he's beating up Jericho... and then the show ends with Orange triumphant and the Jericho/Orange match nobody wanted (I guess?) is booked for Fyter Fest.

Really, not much else to say here. Another fun show in a series of them, with this one being better than what took place last week as there was more good stuff on here. But I'm not complaining. This was two hours of really fun stuff and Billy Gunn of the Gunn Club With Austin Gunn of the Gunn Glub and Golcten Cung i 38... oh, never mind. That's gonna get old.

When can we bring back PAC?

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