Wednesday, May 27, 2020

WWF In Your House #11 - Buried Alive (October 1996 PPV)

The first Buried Alive match took place on this show... hence the name of the show. Not much else happened on here and it's a pretty nothing show otherwise, so let's get this over and done with.

Stone Cold Steve Austin defeated Hunter Hearst Helmsley in a fine little opening match. This is the first time we'd hear Austin's more recognizable theme, what with the breaking glass and guitar riffs and stuff. Fun fact; I actually prefer the Hell Freezes Over version over the one they've got playing now; there's a rougher, more organic vibe to this one that I kinda dig.

WWF Tag-Team Champions The British Bulldog & Owen Hart defeated Billy & Bart "The Smoking Gunns" Gunn to retain the titles in a thing that happened... and then Jim Ross begins to complain about stuff and announces that Bret Hart will be on RAW the following night before leaving for good... oh well.

Intercontinental Champion Marc Mero (with Mr. Perfect) defeated Goldust in a perfectly acceptable wrestling match. The next night on RAW, Perfect would turn on Mero and cause him to lose the IC title to He of the tHree Hs.

Sid defeated Vader in a bad match. It was short, but it was bad... you have two guys known for doing menacing powerbombs and then you have a match with NO POWERBOMBING. The finish is a chokelsame... whatever.

Undertaker defeated Mankind in a buried alive match, which involves beating the crap out of each other and whoever dumps their opponent into a hole and buries them alive wins. And so after a lot of fun brawling, Taker buries Mankind... and then gets ambushed by a masked Executioner, who helps Mankind out and toss Taker in, which leads to a funny visual of all the midcard geeks helping to bury Taker before spooky sound and lighting scare them all a way, leading us to another funny visual where lightning strikes the grave and a glove emerges from the dirt mound.

For what it's worth, this was a pretty easy watch. A couple good matches, a couple so-so things, and a a spectacle of sorts... yeah, I was fine with this. Fine show for what it was.

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