Wednesday, May 20, 2020

WWF In Your House #10 - Mind Games (Sept. 1996 PPV)

If you want the King Of The Ring, International Incident, and Summerslam PPVs that preceded today's subject matter, you can find those on the all-new Wrestling Musings Page.

Savio Vega defeated Justin Hawk Bradshaw (a.k.a. future WWE champion JBL) in a strap match that made me wish I was watching that other one he had with Stone Cold a few months prior. The only two noteworthy things about this match is that there are ECW guys in the front row (and you can tell they're ECW guys because they're wearing ECW T-Shirts, thus proving that the team jersey gimmick didn't begin with the brand split business.) and that after the match, Savio was attacked by "fake" Razor Ramon and "fake" Diesel - an idea that didn't last long due to how stupid it was, but basically exists to stick it to WCW in their legal wranglings.

Jose Lothario (Shawn's manager at the time) defeated Jim Cornette (manager of managers) in a match long enough to take a piss break.

That leads us to a segment with Pillman, Owen, and eventually Stone Cold, who all trash the absent Hitman. Pillman delivers some creepy promos that comes off as somewhat threatening - having multiple throat surgeries will have that effect - while Owen is his usual annoying (in a good way) self, but of course, the show belongs to Austin, who delivers some cutting blows to Bret, including the personal favorite "If you put the letter S in front of "Hitman", you'd have my exact opinion on Bret Hart." Stuff like this made Austin a good promo.

Owen Hart and British Bulldog defeated WWF Tag-Team Champions Billy & Bart "The Smoking" Gunns to win the titles. Shortly after, Sunny, who had been managing the Gunns, fires them... because that is a thing she can do now. Anyway, this was a match that happened. Nothing great, nothing bad... just there.

Mark Henry - sporting the ugliest star-spangled tights I've seen this side of Kurt Angle - defeated Jerry Lawler in an awful five minute match that was five minutes too long. Nuff said.

Undertaker defeated Goldust in a short, boring match. This needed a casket.

WWF Champion Shawn Michaels defeated Mankind via disqualification due to Vader run-in, which eventually saw Undertaker get involved when Mankind tried to toss Shawn into a casket. A great fucking brawl that saw both guys turn the crazy dial upwards and pulling whatever stops they could to beat the crap out of each other and come out victorious.

As per the case with some of these IYH shows, this was a one-match show. The main event delivered the goods that the rest of the show failed to do, which is why it's on numerous best of compilations and DVDs while the rest of the show was relegated to Coliseum Home Video. Catch the Shawn/Foley match if you can because that's a great match, but skip the rest because it sucks.

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