Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Warner Bros. To Rethink Action And Romance

Source: https://www.newsarama.com/50051-arrow-verse-riverdale-more-rethinking-love-scenes-fight-scenes-in-post-covid-19-reality-of-filming.html

So the above article from Newsarama states that a Warner Bros. meeting was discussing means of producing shows in a post "prevailing circumstances" world; most notably in regards to its fight and romance sequences.

Specifically, folks want to limit as much physical contact as possible while filming their shows, which probably means hand-to-hand combat, loving embraces, and even pecks on the cheek could be a thing of the past.

Yeah, honestly, this is not for me.

Look, I get these are trying times and we need to do our part to be safe and protect others. I also get the need to produce fresh new entertainment to take our minds off the world around us. Unfortunately, a lot of the new entertainment taking place right now is doing nothing but remind me of the world outside. Whether it'd be webcam concerts that were good enough for Youtube or empty arenas playing host to combat sports or wrestling, there is never a point where I'm consuming current material that isn't reminding me of the prevailing circumstances.

You want to know what I watch these days? Old wrestling shows via WWE Network, Youtube, and Impact Plus. Old movies and television shows on Netflix or the various DVD and Blu-Rays in my collection. I watch Youtube videos; primarily stuff relating to video games and wrestling. These are some of the things tha pre-occupy my day that isn't based on life needs and web material.

I rarely consume current content before the pandemic hit due to its largely heavy political slant. I want a diversion, not an agenda. And now given the future that mass media entertainment could be headed towards for the foreseeable future, I'm not sure I'm going to want to watch anything on the boom tube anytime soon.

Yeah, so that's my piece.

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