Saturday, May 23, 2020

Random Thoughts On Double Or Nothing, Hana Kimura, TNA

In case anyone was wondering - god knows why - no, I will not be watching the Double Or Nothing PPV event taking place tonight. Under a different set of circumstances, I probably would jump at the chance... but the prevailing circumstances of the world we live in (as well as - let's be honest - the rather hefty price tag) means I won't be watching this show. Maybe somewhere down the line, when things are better, I might order the replay, but for the moment, I can only wish AEW the best in trying to put together the most kick-ass show possible.

Too bad, too... I was actually looking forward to that Stampede Stadium event or whatever it was called.

Also, sad to hear about the passing of Stardom star Hana Kimura and the circumstances surrounding it. It's... pretty dreadful that we go online to share our love and passion for something, only for some unruly folks to ruin it. Folks, if you're at a point where things look bleak, it's okay to seek help. There are options... and Twitter isn't one of them.

To end this on a somewhat happy note, I've been watching some terrible old TNA PPVs for the purposes of posting terrible PPV musings. I clearly missed out on some grade-ASS quality sports bullshit.

Thank you, Shoulders Torelli, for coining a new thing that I'm going to stick with until the end of time.

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