Tuesday, April 21, 2020

These WWE PPV Posters Suck

You know... I don't want to do the whole "shit on WWE" thing here. I'd much rather be talking about other stuff that's happier and shit... but why do these posters suck?

I mean, it's just the four champions smiling and looking goofy with extra photo philtering shit. The whole thing looks awful from an artistic or layout standpoint. What is this supposed to convey? How is this supposed to get me excited for a bunch of idiots running through Titan Tower to grab a briefcase on the roof?

Oh, you didn't know?

This year's MiTB matches will feature jabronis running through WWE World Headquarters and making their way to the roof to grab a briefcase for a future title shot... which means they're trashing the joint... this on a week where they needlessly fired a bunch of people.

Hey, it'll be something different at least... and perhaps an excuse to have one of those "cinematic" matches that are all the rage. Quite frankly, though, I'll probably watch something else that night... presumably a show that doesn't have a shitty poster to promote it.

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