Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Return Of Slideshow Movie Reviews And Debut Of RAW After Mania

Hey, folks. Hope you all had a very happy Easter weekend, even under these dire and unique circumstances of the world we currently inhabit. Sorry about the radio silence for the past couple days; I've been busy and all.

Anyway, I've got a couple big things to "announce with hopeful optimism that will eventually lead to utter disappointment when it doesn't happen"  that I'll save for after the break. I just want to start by letting everyone know that I'm taking a break from the blog for the week and regular updates will resume next Sunday, April 19th. Presumably, an audio upload if I'm feeling up to it, but it could a Sunday Gimmick Table if I'm also feeling up to it.

Anyway, on with the "big announcements".

Once upon a time, we had large gatherings at Wrestlemania. And each year, people looked forward to the following night's edition of RAW since it would depict the aftermath as well as kick off the next year's worth of potential talent and stories. It's been something of a tradition to look forward... up until the crowds got smart and decided to play with beachballs and put themselves over.

Starting next week and presumably every Monday until we run out of these things or until I get bored, I'll be touching on every episode of Monday Night RAW after Wrestlemania. We begin with the first show in 1993 (a taped show, no less) and continue up until I feel bored... which will probably be when we eventually hit the more recent years when the shows are three hours long... also, I'm not sure if I want to revisit the shows from the mid-2000s when all I had to look forward to was more McSon-In-Law and SuperCena. We'll see.

This may eventually supplant the PPV Musings as the weekly wrestling content and I've no issues with that. I don't mind watching shorter stuff because it means it'll be easier to bang out posts. That and I want to vary things up a bit.

Also, as had been teased with a mistimed update that was taken down, I am in the process of building some Slideshow Movie Reviews for regular consumption. If all goes well, expect to see these going up on a weekly basis some time in May.

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