Monday, April 27, 2020

RAW After Mania (March 21, 1994): Welp... This Sucked.

Wrestlemania X has been lauded as one of the better Wrestlemanias ever produced, featuring a highly praised ladder match between Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon, as well as Bret Hart bookending the show with a loss to his brother Owen in a fantastic match and eventually usurping the WWF Champion Yokozuna to reclaim the title that was stolen from him a year ago... everything in between those things is left to the imagination, but clearly, after a show with many milestones, how do you follow this show up?

With a shitty episode of RAW, of course!

Again, we're still in the hour-long territory, but this also felt like a chore to sit through. The matches weren't all that great... The Quebecers (the former Mountie and the current PCO) defeated the Bushwhackers in a boring match, Tatanka (BUFFALO!) squashes some job guy, Diesel also squashes some job guy in a match joined in progress, and Jeff Jarrett beat Koko B. Ware... not quite inspiring stuff.

Only thing noteworthy on this show is Bret Hart's first interview as WWF Champion, where he talks about the night starting off poorly and ended great before addressing his loss to Owen. Other than that... eh, this wasn't very good.

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