Monday, April 20, 2020

RAW After Mania (April 5th, 1993): Canned Show

So this is a thing we're doing for the foreseeable future... watching every RAW after Wrestlemania. I'd imagine I get a couple months of mileage before I get bored.

Funny thing about this RAW; whereas nowadays, these are usually treated as a big deal, the first RAW after Wrestlemania IX was a taped show from the previous taping cycle, so you don't get the ramifications of the previous show until a couple episodes later. As such, other than passing mentions of the encore presentation of Wrestlemania, don't expect much out of this show other than a couple quick matches here and there. In fact, the only recurring angle is the teasing of Jerry Lawler's first WWF match, who comes out every so often, but then leaves after being overwhelmed by Burger King chants... because even back in 1993, the storylines (and the chants) weren't much to be lauded over.

It's an hour long show, but somehow feels longer because the matches are short, quick, and generally bad. Bam Bam Bigelow beats Virgil, Bob Backlund beats Kamala's manager, Damien "Don't Call Him A Jobber" Demento beats Jim Brunzell and nobody cares, the Steiners beat the Beverlies, and yes, Jerry Lawler beats some mulleted fellow in the main event.

So not a great show to follow up Mania... which is fine because Mania IX was not a great show to begin with. We're still very early in this RAW show (it's only a couple months old at this point) and they still haven't worked out the kinks yet. Maybe next year's follow-up to Mania will be better.

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