Saturday, April 11, 2020

AEW Dynamite (April 8th, 2020): The TNT Has Been Lit...

So... might as well talk some Dynamite, since the content I had planned isn't ready yet and might be held off for another week or so.

Anyway, we're starting off the TNT Championship tournament this episode and we also have a heated match between Hikaru Shida and Dr. Britt Baker DMD over an altercation that took place last week... meanwhile, Being The Elite had their own series of wrestling matches for some reason.

Not going to dig into this one that deeply, so I'll stick with the five points format.

1 - Commentary
Your commentary team is Tony Skeevone and former AEW Champion Chris Jericho... the tandem that we need more of. Honestly, out of all the guest combos that have provided commentary duties, this is probably the most entertaining of the bunch. Jericho and Schiavone just work wonderfully together and I enjoy the back-and-forth and slight callbacks. And look, Schiavone is good at his job. Jericho is a tremendous talker. Put these two together and you have gold... which makes me sad that next week's commentary could potentially go downhill.

2 - Quick Squashes Are Quick
Lance Archer defeated some job guy quickly... short and to the point, I suppose. Also, Brodie Lee (after participating in another skit where he chastises two members for not wearing ties) squashes another due quickly... you know what? I'm okay with these squash matches if they mean building these two guys as bigger threats. And it's probably a good thing that we're short on humans during this time.

3 - Hikaru Shida Beat Britt Baker And Busted Her Nose
I like me some Shida; she's a fine person and ferocious fighter. And I like me some Britt Baker; she's a dentist and a cocky one at that. Put them together and you have a good, clean fight... well, up until Shida knees Britt and her nose starts bleeding all over the place. Sick visual aside - not that I'm complaining - this was a great little match.

4 - The Moxley/Hager Video Packages Were Great
So they sprinkle some of these hype videos for next week's World title bout between champion Jon Moxley and challenger Jake Hager and they're good stuff. I like that Hager's MMA background and his current undefeated streak is playing into the story of the match. Both guys cut good passionate promos that makes me want to see this match even more despite the current circumstances being awkward.

5 - Cody Beats Shawn Spears To Advance In The TNT Tournament
Your main event and opening contest for this TNT Championship tournament featured Cody beating Shawn Spears in a pretty good match. Commentary does fine for me here, including Jericho noting why we have guard rails in empty arena shows.

A fine show considering the circumstances. Ran by quickly, had a couple great matches, built some hype for next week's empty arena AEW title match... good show. Would've been nice if there was an audience to enjoy it aside from the few wrestlers on the side, but whatever. It's fine.

Oh... and there was a Best Friends vs. Kenny Omega and Michael Nakazawa match... the less said, the better, I suppose... but that aside, I'd much rather watch this silliness again than that Firefly Brainfart from Mania.

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