Wednesday, March 18, 2020

WWF In Your House #7: Good Friends, Better Enemies (April 1996 PPV)

Yeah, we're doing another one of these In Your House shows... I want to cover the 1996 batch for the next few weeks before we move on to something else, expect a few more of these until May...

In any event, this is a notable event because it's the last major appearance of two big names who will be soon hold a curtain call and be outsiders in a rival promotion... but that is then. This is now. Let's get on with it.

British Bulldog & Owen Hart defeated Jake Roberts and Ahmed Johnson when Bulldog submitted Roberts with a leglock after whacking said leg with a tennis racket. People liked that Ahmed fellow and even Jake looked fairly good in this match. Jake The Snake in 1996 wasn't too bad and could've been the guy's second wind in WWF had things gone smoothly onwards... except they didn't.

Ultimate Warrior defeated Intercontinental Champion Goldust via countout... and my brain just died. This match sucked. I struggle to call it a match. This was fucking horrible. I don't want to talk about this anymore. Therefore, I won't talk about it. Fuck this match.

Vader defeated Razor Ramon in a match where Razor did the favors and made Vader look like a threat. This would be the last appearance of Scott Hall on  TV before the Curtain Call a couple weeks down the line.

There was a tag-team match between the BodyDonnas and the pig farmers that I skipped over because I had to walk the dog. Apparently, I didn't miss much.

WWF Champion Shawn Michaels defeated Diesel to retain the title in a No-Holds-Barred match that saw Diesel use a boot on Shawn, Diesel powerbombing Shawn through a table, babyface announcer Vinnie Mac begging this match to just be over, Diesel beating up Maurice Vachon and stealing his artificial leg (drawing massive boos) that ended up being the instrument of his downfall. Just

Much like the previous IYH show, this was a one-match show and that one match was the main e

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