Thursday, March 5, 2020

The Cynical Side Of Blunt Talk: The Next Generation

For the benefit of those who want to keep things from being spoiled, I will detail my thoughts after the break.

So they bring back that Icheb and give him this violent death.

And then they find the Bruce Maddox guy who has been a focal point of this first half of the series... and also a character from one of TNG's most significant episodes. And the other scientist kills him because sure, why not?

How about HUGH? The former Borg turned not Borg that everyone was excited to see come back... and he gets killed with a Romulan throwing star.

So when this episode ended and Riker mentions something about being on the active reserve of Starfleet, my first thought is "How many episodes before Riker and Troi come back into the fold so that they can get killed in the most gruesome manner?"

And I'm sure they'll eventually kill off Seven Of Nine, too.

Moral of the story to old Trek people; don't show up on Picard or you'll be killed off sooner or later.

I miss the days when the only people in danger of dying in Star Trek were the guys who wore red shirts.

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