Thursday, March 12, 2020

Mega Man Maker Notes - v1.6 Thoughts And Future Video Update

Some time has passed since popular fangame Mega Man Maker finally made the jump to the new 1.6 update, which includes elements from Mega Man 10 and 11 (including new music tracks!) as well as a new community editor feature where multiple users can get together and build a community level of sorts... now that's a rather ambitious addition and I'll shed some thoughts on the matter in a little while.

First, a quick primer on some upcoming Mega Man Maker videos... which will be starting up again in a couple weeks. First video up in the running is a boss rush showcase with the new bosses and such. I've got a couple runs done on the matter, but I'm holding off until I can concoct a better performance... i.e. going through the whole menagerie of bosses without getting killed for one thing. Once that's up and running, we'll resume the usual weekly Wily Challenge videos... although I do have one level up that may see the light of day sooner or later... and there is a... I've said too much already.

Anyway, regarding my initial impressions of the new update... well, the addition of a new multi-user level creation system is nothing that I'm ever going to use, but could open up some possibilities for the more community-minded folks out there. Honestly, I'm more thrilled that I can assign Mega Man 10 and 11 tracks into my levels rather than replacing whatever they had originally with the custom tracks from abroad. I will admit that some of the new tracks are of decidedly lesser quality than what I've heard before, but still, props to the folks for making the effort as well as all the new toys to play with. I've already managed a couple levels where outrunning raging firestorms are great fun.

And then I fired up Doom Builder for the first time in years... and now I'm busy crafting little Doom maps that nobody will ever play, which is probably for the best because there are some amazing stuff out there and I'm nowhere near that level of competency.

I've had my share of Mega Man in any fashion as of late - especially after putting some footage together for an upcoming project of sorts. After a while, we'll get the ball rolling once more, but for now... doom.

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