Monday, March 9, 2020

Let's Try This Again...

So here we are... trying this again and hopefully, this will stick. Daily postings will be a thing again; whether it'd be something worthwhile or just random shitposting... and even the shitposting will have some substance to it. I also said features would be coming back, but not all at once. Slowly, but surely, we'll be getting some material onto the blog soon enough.

- Video reviews (and by extension) will be coming along when they're ready. If all goes well, I might settle with a typical Tuesday-Friday video upload routine... but plans can change when needed.

- PR Reflections will resume on Monday, March 30th and will kick off the next batch of bi-weekly (every other Monday) . I've got six of these things primed and ready to go, with possibly two or three almost getting there. Some of these will be lightweight stuff (synopsis and five points of observation), but a couple (such as our first entry) will be old-school "recap" segments. The best part is that they're all new write-ups; no more recycled bits, because I'm all out of them to begin with.

- As mentioned on the program yesterday, DTM-Cast will be taking a hiatus throughout the month and will return Sunday, April 5th... just in time for some show that's taking place from Tampa. I want to use the time I've got to work on other stuff and the lack of a DTM-Cast along the way could possibly open up the possibility of the Ramble videos making a comeback.

- Mega Man Maker runs will continue in a couple weeks. I'm putting together a quick little video depicting all the bosses and this involves a bit of practice to try and not suck at some of these boss battles. Once the boss video is up, I'll follow that up with a new level and some news on future levels being a thing.

- Expect another House Show or two in the coming months. There's also a couple other video projects that I'd like to get off the ground while I can.

That's all I've got off the top of my head.

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