Sunday, March 29, 2020

Depressed Doggy... Also Depressed Me...

So a week has passed since I stayed at home. Spent more time with the dog indoors keeping me company, but only got to take her out for a walk once or twice this past week. Not necessarily in the mood for the great outdoors... honestly can't blame her.

For my part, I've been doing alright. Other than a nagging cough that has been with me since the dawn of time - or so it seems - I'm weathering this whole thing fairly fine and I've been able to run a few errands here and there while taking care of the folks. I have to be honest, though; I dread stepping outside these days. Not just because of the pandemic, but also because the general atmosphere is a little worse for wear.

Being on an island that makes up for half of Quebec's cases is bad enough to warrant certain crowd control methods to maintain physical distancing and some places have proven to do a good job of this. Other places, like the groceries and larger department stores selling essentials, still need work. For my part, I try to keep my distance. If I see a crowded lane, I avoid it completely and look for an opening, or wait for one to clear... I try to keep my distance and yet nobody else cares.

Montreal, as of this writing, is in a state of emergency. A great majority of public spaces are closed off until further notice. Places where I would go for a walk to clear my head and just get away from people are no longer accessible. I am barely holding it together and it scares me shitless... especially considering that nobody has bothered to explain which parts of Montreal I should avoid going to since this is a fairly sizable chunk of land.

All of a sudden... this one island, one city bullshit people were pushing a decade or so back.... nah, it was stupid back then even. Dumb fucks.

All you folks on the front lines - the health care workers, the store employees, and likewise - you have my utmost respect for dealing with this shit and putting on a brave face while doing it. I honestly couldn't do what you do daily and if anything, you are much more courageous than I could ever hope to be.

Yeah, I think I've said enough now. I'm off to bed.

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