Thursday, February 20, 2020

Sorry For The Lack Of Posts... Been Sick

So I want to apologize for the lack of material this past week or so, but I've been fighting off a cocktail of winter ailments - tension headaches, common colds, heavy coughing, practically no voice, and even the one-off nosebleed that probably won't scratch any Muta scales - and I spent most of my free time in bed recovering.

All the while having to partake in a Sunday dinner that I somehow survived and didn't make anyone else sick.

Fortunately, things are starting to pick up. I'm feeling a little better (not great, but better) and just recently got my voice back, which means I can start dubbing the next bunch of videos and even the next DTM-Cast, which should be up this coming Sunday. Things are going to be slowly, but surely returning to normal... but I've also got some other bits that need tending to.

That's it for now... later.

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