Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Fired Up The WWE Network For The First Time In Weeks

Much to my personal astonishment, I have not spent much time on the WWE Network as of late. The last item that was on my watchlist was a WCW All Nighter special uploaded as a hidden gem, which was basically a five-hour long look back at the top matches of the various Clash Of The Champions network specials.

Also, much to my personal astonishment, I did not have to sign in to WWE Network, which had been case every time I'd load up the app on my Apple TV. So there was that.

So I made a point to sit down and watch this year's Royal Rumble, which I've heard was alright for the most part... however, my mind strayed and I ended up watching an old WWF Pay-Per-View event called "The Wrestling Classic."

At the end of it all, I almost regret not watching the Rumble like I planned.

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